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CMB Next Generation Fellowships

The CMB Next Generation Fellowships offer financial support for international master's degree study in the fields of Health Policy and Systems Sciences. The fellowships are intended to train a new generation of potential leaders in these fields in China. 

美国中华医学基金会新星奖学金资助学者在卫生政策与体 系科学 (包括公共卫生、全球卫生、卫生经济、 流行病学、卫生政策等)方面在国际一流院校1-2年硕士研究生学习, 申请者请仔细阅读英文和中文公告,认真按要求填写申请表。

Note:  There will be no competition held for this program in 2014-15.

Training in the clinical or biomedical sciences is not supported by these fellowships.

Applicant must be a Chinese citizen, currently resident in mainland China. 

Support for Fellows consists entirely of training abroad, in fulfillment of a Master's degree. Fellows apply to a university for training, typically 10-24 months, and the degree is provided by that university.   

The CMB Next Generation Fellowships have an upper limit of US$65,000.  This is sufficient for full funding for one full year of academic study at most world-class universities.  It is not generally enough for two years of study, however, and so many applicants have chosen to apply to schools offering Master's degree programs which only require one year to complete.  

Only certain universities are pre-approved for this funding.  Prospective applicants should read the page how to select universities to learn more, as well as the program announcements below.

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